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me elos Super Soft 400K

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me elos Super Soft 400K

What is elos 

elos is more than clinically tested, it is medically proven!
elos is the first and only technology that combines the power of both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) andRF (radio frequency energy).

Developed by IPL inventor and patent holder.

elos technology is a unique combination of RF and IPL. using gentle pulses of two targeted energies enables better results that can be achieved with lower overall energy output and with the highest level of safety and comfort.

me is the first elos at home professional technology hair removal device leveraging on safety and 10 years of proven clinical results.


How me works

The science behind me
A pulse of elos (RF + IPL) is emitted for a fraction of a second.
The IPL energy is converted to thermal energy, heating up the hair shaft and the hair follicle
The RF energy is attracted to the pre-heated follicle, heating it further and treating it, inhibiting hair re-growth
The combination of 2 complimentary energies enables to deliver unprecedented safety, versatility and effectiveness with various hair and skin colors.

  Safe for Your Skin

Suitable for a wide range of skin types (1 to 6) and hair all colors.


Full body in 32 minutes, full leg in 10 minutes.
Me is easy to use! Use it like shavers and epilators - Gliding over your skin naturally and comfortably holding a small applicator. No need to calculate your position, wait for next pulse, draw grids, watch for overlaps, or concentrate.
Just sit down, take your me and enjoy an easy solution to permanent hair reduction and soft smooth skin.


Dual Action

me offers Epilator and Shaver accessories to create a dual action hair removal device.

While permanently reducing your hair growth with elos, me accessories immediately remove your hair.

the ONLY no preparations no pre-shaving, no gels system!


easy to use

me is easy to set up and operate at the privacy of your own home. Treating yourself is simple, quick, and clean.


Save money with me

me uses the same 10-years professional elos technology at a fraction of the cost of laser treatments performed at doctors clinics.

me promise you - 89% hair reduction after only 6-7 treatments.

How to use me?

1. If you are using the me epilator or shaver accessories (not included in the box, can be sold seperately) – there are no preparations needed!
2. if you are not using the epilator or shaver accessories then shave or shortly trim the treated area prior to using the me
3. select your elos level
4. perform elos treatment according to the recommended times of each area
5. enjoy silky smooth skin every day!


When to use me?

Perform first treatment every 2 weeks,
after first 6 weeks, use me as hair appears


What in the box?

Base unit, including a built in elos cartridge with 100,000 pulses.

300,000 pulses quartz lamp 

User guide + User guide DVD

2 year warranty


110-240V Voltage 50-60Hz 

We'll provide EU/US Outlet

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