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Handy Cure

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  1. Handy Cure - Low Level Pulse Laser Device

    Try the Handy Cure - a pain relief device at the palm of your hand

    For Migraines 

    For orthopedic conditions- back/ shoulder/ knee pain

    For sport and children's accidents

  2. Laser TRX - Pain Relief Cold Laser Therapy Device – New Technology –

    The Laser TRX is a soft laser for self-treatment of pain and inflammation based on Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which is designed to effectively treat various types of injuries, pain, and skin issues.

    In addition to pulsating laser energy from the Laser TRX phase, broadband infrared energy, visible red light and static magnetic field. The combination of these four energy sources is proven to reduce pain and accelerate the formation of new and healthy tissue in the treated area quickly and efficiently and within a relatively short time.

    The Laser TRX is designed to treat a wide variety of pain syndromes and inflammations including arthritis, neuritis, various sports injuries and is known to accelerate the fusion of fractures.

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2 Item(s)