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i-Restore Hair Rejuvenation System

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A New Revolutionary Laser Hair Therapy for a Fuller Healthier Looking Hair.


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i-Restore Hair Rejuvenation System

A New Revolutionary Device! Get fuller Thicker Healthier Looking Hair!!

Low level Laser Hair Therapy works by stimulating the hair follicles in the scalp, increasing blood flow and cell metabolism while blocking the hair loss effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Low-Level Lasers are often referred to as cold lasers because they are not capable of damaging human tissue.

The cold laser technology has been used for the past 25 years for various treatments and conditions. Many users of Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy report that it promotes the appearance of fuller, thicker, and healthier looking hair.

People whom have Androgentic Alopecia, patterned hair loss, or DHT build up have reduced blood flow choking the hair follicle causing the new Antagen hair to be significantly thinner. It is this cycle of hair fall out and progressive thinning of the individual hair follicle that leads to what is referred to as balding. Eventually as the hair cycle repeats over-time the hair becomes increasingly miniaturized and ceases to exist. 

Laser Hair Therapy provides nutrition for the hair helping keep the follicle alive.

i restore

We can help you STOP the receding hair line or the beginning of a bald spot!


Save time and money treating your hair loss

Laser hair therapy clinics require you to travel 2-3 times per week to receive the procedure at an average cost of $4,000 for 9 to 12 months of treatments. Now you can own comparable laser technology with iRestore and provide 30 minutes of treatments using the device 3 times weekly. With iRestore most users experience fuller, thicker, and healthier looking hair within 2 months of use by following the recommended treatment plan.



  • Lightweight device is worn comfortably on the head
  • Low-level laser emits no heat and is pain free to the user
  • Adjustable laser dome for full scalp coverage
  • 30 minutes of laser hair therapy treatments 3 times per week in the comfort and privacy of your own home


The iRestore Hair Rejuvenation System is equipped with (27) 650nm lasers and (27) 650nm high output LEDs that provide phototherapy stimulation to cells in your hair follicles. The purpose of using LEDs is to temporarily promote local blood flow to the scalp which can produce a better environment for hair loss prevention. iRestore's lightweight patent pending moveable laser dome is equipped with separation barrels, which part obstructing hair. This ingeniously designed laser dome has 6 condensed rows of lasers delivering maximum stimulation to the hair follicles.

i restore


The mechanism on each side of iRestore provides comfortable contact with your head. Adjustable knobs insure that the device is correctly positioned providing appropriate coverage for the promotion of stronger and healthier hair. iRestore includes two foam bands of varying thickness for a comfortable fit for any sized head. This revolutionary hands-free device allows you the freedom and convenience to relax while you provide treatment for your hair.

iRestore is a Unique & Innovative Device

27 Hair Parting Barrels provides lasers and LEDs an unobstructed path to the scalp. The iRestore Hair Laser design complies with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices, certified in quality standards and iRestore meets CE requirements for Safety.

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Who is iRestore Hair Rejuvenation System designed to help?

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