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Tripollar STOP - Remarkable skin renewal for face/neck/hands

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Quick Overview


The TriPollar Stop is a revolutionary skin care device that reduces the signs of aging while keeping your skin smooth, supple and youthful.


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Tripollar STOP - Remarkable skin renewal for face/neck/hands

The easy-to-use TriPollar Stop provides the following benefits:

- It significantly lessens wrinkles and fine lines on your face, neck and hands
- It counteracts the deterioration of skin cells which leads to aging
- It improves the firmness and texture of skin
- It rejuvenates your skin, making it appear fresh, smooth and young-looking

 Incredible, isn't it? Believe it! Read more to find our how this amazing device works.






 The Technology Behind the TriPollar Stop

Similar to the TriPollar Pose, the Stop uses cutting-edge Radio Frequency or RF technology. It causes energy to radiate toward the various layers of your skin, warming the targeted areas. While the Pose firms the body by disintegrating the fatty tissues found in the skin's deeper layers, the TriPollar Stop is specially created to treat the face. It concentrates on the layers near the surface of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen. Your skin then becomes tighter and firmer, giving you a renewed, a younger-looking appearance.

Medically Proven to Be Safe and Effective !!

Clinical trials have helped to establish that the Tripollar Stop truly increases the production of collagen by as much as 50 percent - even after only the first full treatment.

- It visibly improves skin's texture and elasticity
- It considerably lessens the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines
- It produces lasting effects


 Approved by the World's Leading Salons

The professional version of the Tripollar Stop is used by the world's best salons. While the Tripollar Professional is an advanced device designed to treat the whole body, the Tripollar Stop is created for personal use, suitable for use on the face, neck and hands. It's very easy to operate and you can use it right at your own home - for a much lower price.


STOP Preparation Gel – Specifically formulated for use with the TriPollar Stop Skin Renewal Device. a 50 ml jar of special pre- treatment gel that protects the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis during treatment and ensures delivery of the energy into deep layers of the dermis to heat the collagen to the optimum treatment temperature.


stop gel


STOP After Treatment Cream - enriches your skin with essential nutrients and minerals that hydrate nourish and optimize treatment results, ensuring long term results.This rich cream complements the TriPollar STOP Clinical Skin Renewal treatment.




Why the TriPollar Stop is For You:

- It effectively counters the signs of skin aging
- It stimulates collagen production and rejuvenates your skin
- It's clinically tested and expert-approved
- It's non-invasive and convenient enough to be used at home
- It helps you become a lovelier, younger-looking you.


The Complete TriPollar Stop Package:

- TriPollar Stop Skin Renewal Device
- Preparation Gel (50 mL

- TriPollar Stop After-Treatment Cream (50 mL).

- Electrical cord and power source
- User Manual
- Instructional video
- TriPollar Stop Quick Reference Guide
- Two year Warranty Policy, applicable worldwide

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