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NEWA® Facial Rejuvenation System

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NEWA® Facial Rejuvenation System

In just one month your skin will glow with a youthful radiant appearance. In the comfort of your home massage your skin with the Newa® and push back time.


Using the innovative 3DEEP™ technology, phase controlled multiple RF (radio frequency) sources combined with state of the art software ,deep heat penetration stimulates and protects your epidermis helping it to create more collagen which naturally decreases with age. The 3DEEP™ FDA cleared technology is the same technology used and recommended by Dermatologists worldwide. The Newa technology is unique to the market and far surpasses other products using RF technology.


 3Deep  The Most advanced wrinkle reduction and skin tightening  technology Now available for home use!!



It is safe, painless, effective and easy to use! It will give you dramatic results.

The Newa® Skin Rejuvenation System provides:

  • Patented 3DEEP® technology, the most innovative system on the market
  • Stimulating collagen regeneration naturally, gently reducing wrinkles and fine lines safely & effectively.
  • Dual safety sensors resulting in firmer skin and at the same time automatically stops the newa energy when necessary to protect your skin.
  • A built-in motion sensor to remind you to move in a circular motion.
  • Temperature sensor prevents the Newa from overheating, protecting your skin at all treatments.
  • At the end of each treatment for a specific area a gentle vibration will mark the end of the session and the Newa energy will automatically stop.
  • Temperature indicator for optimal collagen generation.
  • The Newa provides a blinking LED light indicating active and even energy being applied.


                                              edison award

                               THE NEWA SKIN REJUVENATION SYSTEM WINS

                           THE 2013 BRONZE EDISON AWARD FOR INNOVATION



Authorized for OTC sale: over the counter sale.


Suitable for skin tones 1-4 




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