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MD cure Lower back pain relief

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Quick Overview

Try the MD cure - Lower back pain relief at home. Pulsed electromagnetic field technology



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MD cure Lower back pain relief

MD CURE Lower back pain relief


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology

MDcure is a SAFE

works over clothing, Use anywhere, anytime

Save time & Money


MDcure is a new patent-pending technology that generates an electromagnetic field, at low frequencies,

that creates a massaging effect that relaxes back muscles, relieves their spasm, reduces pain and thus

improves range of motion.


The Technology:

MDcure’s technology is based on PEMF – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.
PEMF is a cutting-edge technology that is already being used in systems that differ from the MDcure, to treat certain neurological conditions.

The MDcure use of PEMF differs from these other devices in that the MDcure works via a massaging effect that helps relieve pain and reduce muscle spasm, which, in turn, can improve lumbar mobility and range of motion

 MDcure uses a safe electromagnetic field ! 

Electromagnetic field at extremely low frequencies, as generated by MDcure, was found to be therapeutic, safe and non-harmful and theraputic.


   Smart technology, Simple application!


MDcure is more effective! Here is why:

MDcure is a new patent-pending therapeutic device that generates an electromagnetic field that has massaging effects including increased blood flow and perfusion, improved healing process, reduced pain and consequently improved range of motion of the lower back.
MDcure is effective for lower back pain associated with:
–      Muscle strain, pull or tear
–      Muscle tension or spasm
–      Muscle overuse; repetitive motion injury
–      Poor posture & prolonged sitting
–      Weak core muscles



MDcure is simple to use !

There are 2 components to the MDcure:

          - A generator to create the pulsed electromagnetic field        

          - A treatment pad

Place the treatment pad over the lower back; secure it in place with the provided soft fabric belt.  

Press the ON button on the unit. Done!

You can now go about your regular activities; watch TV, work on your computer, even go to sleep. MDcure will keep working on your back muscles until the full treatment is delivered. MDcure will then automatically shut down.
MDcure does not need costly consumables such as electrodes, adhesive pads or gel to operate. It also does not need to directly touch the skin in order to penetrate the muscles of the lower back. It simply has to be placed over your clothes regardless of thickness or fabric.




Comparison Between electrotherapy Devices 

Applied with electrodes & stickers wich are costly
Covers small areas, Creats unpleasant tingling sensation
Electrical strength needs to be adjusted
Requires manual, continous operation throughout treatments
Covers small body areas
Has a heating effect with danger of a burn
Small & focused treatment area
Cannot self treat large areas such as back
Greater coverage of the areas
No special knowledge is required
Virtually hands-free application
No costly consumables such as electrodes, stickers or gels
No heat, no vibration, no tingling sensation


Clinical Studies:

The technology improves lower back range of motion by 70% and pain by 44%. 

We have developed a pain relief device specifically for lower back pain, a device that is based on an innovative technology,

which we have made accessible to everyone."




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