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Hair Care Gift Set

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Nourishing Hair Treatment Set - Nourishes The Hair & The Roots - Reducing The Possibility Of Dandruff & Hair Loss - Provides Hair a Natural Glow, Restores Damaged Hair & Makes Your Hair Soft & Healthy
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Hair Care Gift Set

Nourishing Hair Oil - The oil nourishes the hair from the roots, reinforces it and therefore reduces hair loss significantly. It also nourishes the scalp and contributes significantly to the reduction of dandruff while strengthening the hair roots.

Herbal Shampoo - This Herbal Shampoo contributes significantly to reducing dandruff and strengthens the hair root thus reducing the loss of hair over time.

Hair Serum - The main role of the serum is to keep the vitamins and the natural moisture of the hair intact. It adds flexibility to the hair and therefore reduces the possibility of hair loss. The Serum remains on the hair for a long period of time thus preventing free radicals from damaging the hair.

The products nourish the hair and the roots reducing the possibility of dandruff and hair loss, gives hair a natural glow, restores damaged hair and makes hair soft and silky.

Ideal for
- Reducing dandruff
- Nourishing hair
- Strengthening the hair roots
- Preventing hair loss
- Keeping hair moist
- Making hair glow and flexible
- Preventing split ends
- Protection from sun damage
- Preventing the penetration of free radicals
- All hair types
- All ages

How to use
Consult the brochure or the packaging of each product for more information.

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