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HD-MAX Cold Laser Therapy Device for Pain Relief - Red Light Therapy for Back Pain, Arthritis Pain Relief. Hand Held Laser For Home Use

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Quick Overview

HD-MAX Portable Cold Laser Therapy Device for Pain Relief
Cold laser therapy is a low-intensity laser light treatment that stimulates healing while using low levels of light. It will not heat your body's tissue, and therefore, the technique is called cold laser therapy.

Red Light Light Therapy
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HD-MAX Cold Laser Therapy Device for Pain Relief - Red Light Therapy for Back Pain, Arthritis Pain Relief. Hand Held Laser For Home Use

Do you suffer from chronic or acute pain?
back pain, joint pain, tendonitis, sprains, or other muscle pains?

HD-MAX Cold Laser Therapy >>>> SAFE. POWERFUL. FAST.

With the HD-MAX cold laser therapy device, you can quickly and safely relieve your aches and pains.
Now you can get proven relief FAST with The HD-MAX at-home pain reliever!
Simply hold the light over the painful area for up to 5 minutes daily!

Why Cold Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy stimulates the body to heal within, non-thermal photons of light are administrated to for about 3-8 minutes and absorbed by the injured cells. The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in relief from pain, better circulation, anti-inflammation, and acceleration of the healing process.

What Cold Laser Can Treat?

The HD-MAX is a magical All in One device, Simply as that!
It can be used for Knee pain, Feet pain, Ankle pain, Shoulder pain, Back pain, Elbow pain, Hand pain, Joint & Muscle Pain. The HD-MAX cold laser therapy can also treat Arthritis, Tennis Elbow, Tailbone Inflammation, Sports Injuries, Soft Tissue Injuries, Sprain Wounds, Ulcer Acupuncture, Diminish Inflammation And much more!

hd-max laser

Where & When Can You Use the HD-MAX Cold Laser Therapy?


The HD-MAX is Lightweight and compact; You can enjoy it any time anywhere!
Easy to use works great continuously for up to 4 hours! Easy to take with you whenever needed or treat your pain in the comfort of your home!

The HD-MAX Cold Laser Therapy will simply be Your BEST FRIEND

You don’t need to suffer from pains, aches, infection, sports injuries, and other problems. You also don’t need to spend lots of money on a medical procedure. The HD-MAX cold laser is just what you need. Being a Class 3B device, it’s the most suitable for use on humans and animals. Moreover, the laser is very safe, and the chances of side effects are unlikely. It’s a well-built unit and also very portable. The good weight distribution, lightweight and nice nonslip finish also improves convenience and handling.


Package Contains:

The HD-MAX original Cold laser therapy device
Manual Guide
Protective glasses
Device Case

Technical Specifications

Laser medium - GaA/As Semiconductor  
Laser Wavelength - 650nm +/-20nm, 808nm +/- 20nm  
Number of Laser Diodes - Three 808nm laser diodes, twelve 650nm laser diodes  
Maximum output power per 808nm laser diode - 150mW +/-20%  
Maximum output power per 650nm laser diode - 5mW +/-20%  
Battery Voltage - DC 5v  
Battery Capacity - 5200mAh  
Input Power - <10VA  
Environment Temperature - 5 degrees C - 40 degrees C.  
Relative humidity - < 80 degrees  
Atmospheric Pressure - 860hpa~1060hpa  
Voltage - 100 - 240V

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