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TriPollar POSE - Anti cellulite skin tightening device

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This new unit uses proven salon technologies in a home-sized package to reduce unwanted fat and literally zaps away Cellulite.

(it costs the same as about three and a half salon sessions)


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TriPollar POSE - Anti cellulite skin tightening device

The TriPollar Pose is a hand-held beauty treatment device designed to reduce fat and encourage collagen production in your skin.

It has been clinically tested to decrease fat cells as well as make your skin firmer, tighter and younger-looking.

Equipment like the TriPollar Pose have been used in professional salons for years, and now the technology has been transformed into a compact, hand-held instrument, convenient enough to be used right at home.

Remarkable Results in No Time

One of the most amazing things about using the Pose is that it produces obvious, almost immediate results. You would easily notice that the treated area becomes smoother, firmer and more defined.

To experience this transformation, all you need to do is simply use it to massage the body part you want to tone. Just like that, it contours your body and dissolves your fat cells! Incredible, right?

How does the TriPollar Pose work?

The Pose effectively reduces fat cells - some people have seen visible results even after just one treatment. With a firmer, more beautifully contoured form, you can have a bikini-ready physique in as short as one month. It can also be used to treat cellulite!

The device uses low-power radio-frequency beams to warm your skin mildly but deeply. The fatty layer is warmed quicker than the other layers of skin; the fat cells are thus processed into fatty acids and released into your bloodstream. These are then either broken down or flushed out of your body.

The Pose targets the common problem areas such as the abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks, and arms. It is not intended to be used on the face, neck or hands as decreasing the fat in these areas can diminish your skin's firmness.

Collagen Production

This technology also stimulates your skin to produce collagen, which is the natural protein responsible for making your skin smoother, firmer and supple. This aspect of the treatment naturally takes longer than the fat-reduction, but the effects are nonetheless noticeable.


How Radio Frequency Works



TriPollar Preparation Gel -

Uniquely formulated to prepare your skin for the POSE energy and to ensure it creates the desired clinical effect.

TriPollar Preparation Gel must be used before TriPollar POSE treatment to ensure safety and optimal results.

pose gel

TriPollar Pose Package

  • Pose unit
  • Power supply
  • Outlet adaptors (suitable for the UK, Europe & the USA)
  • User's manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • International Warranty Policy (with a 2-year warranty)
  • Preparation gel, 130 mL
  • Pose units are available in two colors - Elegant Black or Cool White. You can select the color you prefer as you order your item.
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