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iGrow: Laser hair growth device

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Quick Overview

The iGrow® is a safe and effective in-home hair grow device

A non-invasive, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology has no side-effects

180 days money back guarantee!


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iGrow: Laser hair growth device

Unlock the power of laser light !

In 1967, Professor Endre Mester of Semmelweis University observed that skin cells became healthier and actually grew hair in the right light. Apira Science continued the research, and the rest is hair history...

Leveraging a patent-pending combination of built-in laser and LED light devices, iGrow revolutionizes hair rejuvenation.

Now you may attain optimal hair health almost effortlessly, right at home! See more details below.

  • Studies proved that hair responds best to red light in the 650 - 670 nm wavelength range.
  • Tests have shown that pulsing light can enhance the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy.

The result from decades of research: iGrow, the world's most advanced hands-free hair rejuvenation system!


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Low-Level Laser Light is one of the most effective therapies to treat hair loss. Currently, over-the-counter laser therapy devices for hair growth are available through convenient hands-free systems, or less convenient hand-held devices. Either product may be used at home, and does not require the supervision of a physician.

 igrow hair

From our research to your home
Today, low-level lasers and improved technology make a portable, affordable and practical solution possible - enter the iGrow.

Now you can support your hair rejuvenation efforts in the comfort of your home!


Clinical Results

Hundreds of clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of low level laser therapy (LLLT) on various conditions including hair loss, carpal tunnel syndrome and acne.

With regular use of iGrow, individuals can expect to see a gradual improvement in hair condition within a 12-week period.


Individual results will vary
For best results, the iGrow® should be used 2-3 times per week on non-consecutive days. Consistent use provides optimum results. LLLT has been shown to stop the appearance of hair loss and help rejuvenate hair for anyone with genetic forms of hair loss, such as male/female pattern baldness. Those with significant hair loss due to disease or medical causes will not benefit from LLLT.


iGrow Benefits:

    • Low-Level Laser Technology Energizes Hair Follicles
    • Significant Results in 4-6 Months
    •  Safe and Effective
    • Clinically-Proven
    • Zero Side-Effects


  • Fully Adjustable
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Custom Fit for most Head Sizes

  • One-time Purchase
  • No Recurring/Repetitive Costs
  • Economically Advantageous

  • Listen to Music or an Audiobook
  • Relaxation/Meditation
  • Incorporate Additional Activities

  • Decades of Scientific Research and Technological Development
  • Optimum Laser + LED Light Energy Output
  • Scientifically-Proven Wavelength of 655 nanometers

  • Consistent Treatment Coverage
  • Treats Areas Most Commonly Affected
  • Expanded Treatment Area vs. Laser Combs & Brushes

  • Hands-Free with No Manual Movement
  • Freedom to Incorporate Additional Activities
  • Fully Automated Treatment Platform for Men

  • Ultra-Convenient
  • Private Use

  • Multi-task/No Down Time during Treatments




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